'Church' but not

as you

know it!

“And He has filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding and in knowledge and in all craftsmanship”


Exodus 35:31

church but not as you know it


The arts sphere of

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This is a very tough time; many of us are self isolating, some of us are literally risking our lives to protect the NHS and save others’ lives.


If you would like to talk to, pray with, and/or, discuss the future me please email Erica.bebb@ccweb.org.uk briefly summarising your request.

I will email back, and, may suggest a 45minute max phone call or Skype meeting depending on the context. I'm available on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Rev Erica bebb

Associate Minister and Pastor ‘Kingdom Creatives’ - Christ Church Clifton. Chaplain for the Arts - Bristol Diocese

What is Kingdom Creatives 

(affectionately known as 'KiC')

We are a Fresh Expression of Church (but church not as you know it) and a community who share the Christian narrative and are passionate about creativity. We provide a mobile, organic space and prioritise nurture and encouragement for the artist/creative and anyone who enjoys creativity.

We are a Christ Church Clifton, Bristol, initiative and have amalgamated with the Bristol Arts Sphere (more of which can be found here on the 'Together 4 Bristol' website).

Who's welcome?


Vision and values

We believe creativity is in our DNA, a gift from the Creator. We want to explore, with you, what this means in terms of connecting, expressing and offering.

We seek to be TRANSPARENT and RESPECTFUL in our words and actions. We hope to provide  ENCOURAGEMENT for the holistic self: to see the artist achieve their highest WORTH.


Innovation: we are CREATIVE and serve to bring QUALITY.


Behind our values lies a presumption that the physical reflects the spiritual

What do we do?

We facilitate GATHERINGS for those with faith, those who do not profess faith, those unsure.

Gatherings have different genres - worship, dialogue, exploration and presentation.

If possible, we are available to listen, mentor and provide pastoral care


We are a NETWORK with three objectives -FELLOWSHIP - RESOURCING - OUTPUT


we have a committed core team, adopting principles of support, sharing and endeavouring to prefer one another. We see this as both the model and catalyst for transformation.


we don’t wish to duplicate others’ work; instead we aim to refer artists to the most appropriate organisation, individual or project for their needs, ideas and creativity


we want to find out what people want and how Kingdom Creatives works for them. Action will include convening, initiating and coming alongside projects

‘Kingdom Creatives shares the vision of artists throughout history to weave stories and to connect with community in image, sound, movement and word; our vision moves from this to explore beauty, truth and our identities in God, and to connect with our neighbour at a level beyond speech’

Eleanor Lee