We have a committed steering group/core team adopting principles of listening, honour, sharing and collaboration. The vision of the Dome given to Tom Harper is a visual of how we operate, also enabling others to connect as they might choose.


We don’t wish to duplicate others’ work; instead, we aim to refer artists to the most appropriate organisation, individual or project for their needs, ideas and creativity. 


Revd Erica Bebb

Erica attended the Margaret Lacey School of Dance in North Wales from the age of 6 to 17 years. The school produced local theatre productions, and, Margaret Lacey appeared in over thirty mainstream films. Erica was pushed hard and was taught how to be a performer - her passion being improvisation.


 After her A levels, Erica, following her parents advice, became a student at Leeds Beckett University and qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist specialising in working with individuals recovering from a stroke and other forms of brain damage. Working as a therapist with such inspirational people has informed Erica’s life decisions.


From a church going family, and, shortly after Erica married Richard, she committed her life to Jesus Christ. She testifies to being renewed by the Spirit of God accelerating her hunger for the Bible, prayer and mission.


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Eleanor J Lee

Eleanor is a visual artist interested in the meeting of art and faith as reflected in the history of Western art, contemporary art and theological debate. Working mostly within the medium of drawing, she studied Fine Art (UWE Bristol) as a mature student while raising her family, gaining a BA class I and a Fine Art research-based MA exploring the fit between art, culture, faith and spirituality onward from the early modern era. Experience and research ground her appreciation of how art and aesthetics help create connections across communities – in her own practice via exhibitions, workshops and talks, and as published author, editor and artist-in-residence in parish contexts. Eleanor attends professional art forums in her areas of interest and is a Bristol diocese Synod member concerned about climate change and mental health justice in church and society.


Mark Orriss

Mark was born in Bristol, studied in Bristol and lives in Bristol. He's a communications expert specialising in brand development and web design and has his own business (www.orriss-design.co.uk) which has just celebrated its 20th birthday. His passion is for the church to take seriously the passing on of the message of Christ by communicating effectively the Good News. He is also a visual artist creating digital 'paintings' using Photoshop. He has used this skill to sell 'paintings' and in doing so raising money for charities including the Syrian Crisis Appeal and Covid. He is currently on the PCC and Standing Committee at Christ Church Clifton. His hobbies include football, table tennis and running.


clare fleming.jpg

Dr Clare Fleming

Clare lives in Bristol and is a photographer and retired GP. During a career break she studied Photography before retraining as a GP. She worked with the Homeless Health Service and Bristol Specialist Drug and Alcohol Service.  The wisdom and experience of those who have faced and overcome major life-disrupting problems have challenged her traditional medical training. NHS medical and mental health services lack capacity to deal with many forms of ill health that respond better to healthy relationship-building, story-telling and creative arts. Clare is interested in considering healing of body, mind and spirit in an integrated way, and uses her photography as a creative tool that can open up dialogue. She is active in Christian prayer networks locally and across the South West.

rachel bowers.jpg

Rachel Bowers

Rachel recently relocated back to the UK after living in Cambodia and Thailand for 7 years. She is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and theatre practitioner with over 25 years of experience working in the UK and overseas. She completed formal professional dance training in the UK and has a Masters degree in dance from the University of Surrey. Rachel is passionate about enabling others to discover their own creativity and express their thoughts, beliefs, emotions and ideas through the languages of the arts, particularly through dance and theatre. She has extensive experience working with children and young people. She loves to discover new ways of exploring her Christian faith and the languages of the arts to develop and build healthy individuals, families and communities.


Tom Harper

Tom grew up in a pub and attended a unique arts school in the city of Bath. In his early 30s he experienced a powerful encounter with God. The Manic Street Preachers song “Everything must go” sums up the next decade of blind faith in quitting a career with Laing in London for a BA in theology at Trinity Bristol. Marriage to Jenny and family life followed. They both worked part time whilst leading the cross denominational True Vine Prayer Fellowship. The group formed following an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in local homes and included services in prisons and churches. Tom was SW Regional Director of Constructing Excellence producing films and events for the built environment until retirement.    


Clare Wallis.jpg

Claire Willis

My name is Claire and have been involved in Healing & Deliverance prayer since 1992 when I was healed myself from debilitating ME an auto immune disorder, and the last 12 years as Director of Yate Healing Rooms part of the International Association of Healing Rooms. My passion is to help prepare the ‘Bride’ and see her healed and released into freedom in Christ. I have a passion for the Word of God and mentoring through the word, leading Bible Studies either on a one to one basis or in small groups. I love to worship and have also led many worship dance and flags workshops, and teaching on intercession & spiritual warfare, where many have touched by the Lords presence bringing freedom and healing into their lives. I have been involved in many Prophetic Exploits in the nations, especially  Israel, Russia & Poland who are very much in my heart!


Malcolm Bourne

I currently work part-time for Trinity College Bristol as Head of Estates, manage a development in Coventry and oversee the Bristol social enterprise, Joseph Studios. Joseph Studios is an art collective with a focus on teaching and mentoring through creativity. Over the last 10 years, I have been actively involved in numerous UK social enterprise start-ups, mostly focused on job creation for the long term unemployed. As a painter, I've held several exhibitions for my work and have limited edition prints on a number of my paintings. I have a passion for the wellbeing of individuals and communities and recognise the great health benefits of engaging in the creative process. For several years I have provided personal mentoring/coaching to a varied client base. As a result of this, in partnership with an international fitness brand, I've created a holistic fitness programme with a vision of living life in all its fullness. 


Jenny Harper

Jenny is one of 6 sisters, her parents being a Baptist Minister and a nurse, wife and mother. Jenny worked as a radiographer for many years, mainly based at Southmead hospital while also being in a singing duo who shared the gospel around Bristol and various other locals.

She has partnered husband Tom in leading the True Vine Prayer fellowship and has felt her role over the years has been in getting alongside people with prayer and encouragement often including hospitality. She volunteers for the preschool near their home.



Will Gowers

Will grew up in Sheffield where he started to act in different societies through his teens. During his GAP year will undertook an internship in Youth Ministry at his church while also auditioning for drama schools. He trained as an Actor at The Guildford School of Acting undertaking a BA (Hons) in Acting. During this time, he also felt a call to church leadership as well. After finishing his training, he worked for Riding Lights Theatre Company performing in their Christmas Tour as well as their national tour ‘Roughshod’. After touring during a time working as a youth minister, Will felt now was the time God was calling him to explore Ordained Ministry. He is currently an Ordinand at Trinity College Bristol and is loving being part of Kingdom Creatives. He is particularly interested in creativity and spirituality, especially the exploration process in the rehearsal room and how people can encounter God through the creative discoveries.


Abbie Jessop

Graduating from the University of Bristol with a degree in Liberal Arts in 2020, I knew I wanted to continue to learn more, particularly beyond the classroom, about the way the arts bring voices to communities that can otherwise go unheard. I also think arts and faith have so much in common and yet in this more secular era, both spheres can try to function separately, despite each needing the other to survive and thrive. A classical musician myself, you don’t have to look far to find examples of hugely popular classical pieces that were written to praise. Especially as we weather the pandemic and turn our attention towards the environment, people need hope. I believe that an intersectional understanding of arts, faith and social justice can practically provide this, which is something I feel encouraged to explore with Kingdom Creatives. 


Fay Price

Fay is a member of Kingdom Creatives Steering Group. As well as being on the steering Group, she is a final year ordinand at Trinity College Bristol on placement with Christ Church Clifton. Fay has a background in Education and in particular, Theatre in Education. As well as having previously worked as an Actor and Theatre Education Officer, she writes and performs poetry, generally with a spiritual focus. She is loving working with Kingdom Creatives, to see how God is using and blessing the Arts in ministry in Bristol and beyond!