Aija Kim, celebrated Korean pianist, who worked and ministered in UK (incl Christ Church Clifton) sent me this short video. It is beautiful. She is inspired by Isaiah 26:20. This well known hymn ‘He hideth my soul’ was written by Fanny Crosby

A glorious post Easter Anglican prayer - suitable for all in this season. Composer Roger Bolton has integrated the blackbird’s song, with the hope in our hearts translated in words of a short prayer to the inspiration of rousing organ music’.

Easter 5: Sharing in the pain of those leading selfless examples

Easter 6: An intimate breakfast shared by reunited friends, yet one is soon to go away again

Ascension Day: As awesome and as it is terrifying, the disciples are left brokenhearted but with a promise

This AMAZINGLY catchy song is definitely worth a listen! Called ‘Fight Covid-19’ ‘performers’ are NHS Staff and their families from Oxford Hospitals.